HEC Sindh universities' ranking

15 unis meet all standards, declares HEC
Karachi, Sep 15: The Higher Education Commission (HEC) has revised the rankings of private Sindh universities and institutes, dividing them into four categories, W, X, Y and Z.

The categories are divided according to Federal Cabinet requirements that were implemented to raise university standards in February 2007. The requirements include a Ph.D. faculty, a minimum 3-acre campus, an endowment fund, a library and other facilities.

Universities fulfilling all Federal Cabinet requirements are categorized in W. The HEC has placed 15 Sindh institutes in this category: Institute of Business Management, Iqra University, Hamdard University, Aga Khan University, Institute of Technology, Dadabhoy Institute of Higher Education, Greenwich University, Indus Institute of Higher Education, Newport Institute of Communication, Ziauddin Medical University, Baqai Medical University, Khadim Ali Shah Bukhari Institute of Technology, Sir Syed University of Engineering and Technology, Isra University Hyderabad and Szabist in Karachi.

Category X contains those universities that missed only a few requirements: Muhammad Ali Jinnah University, Indus Valley Institute of Arts and Architecture, Jinnah University for Women, Textile Institute of Pakistan, Karachi Institute of Commerce and Technology, Princeton Institute of Management Sciences and Technology and Princeton University.

Only one university, the University of East Hyderabad, barely met the requirements and was placed in category Y, while DHA Suffa University and Nazir Hussain University failed to meet any of the requirements were placed in Z.

The universities in categories other than W have been given some time by the HEC to enhance their facilities and performance. It is essential for them to meet all of the requirements or they may be shut down.

APP adds: Jinnah University for Women, Nazimabad was also upgraded from category X to W, said a spokesperson on Saturday.

The university met all the requirements, such as qualified faculty members, a sufficient number of books in the library as well as the endowment fund etc. The enrolment of female students at the university is over 4,000 and the strength of the faculty members is 250 with 180 regular teachers. Daily Times

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"institute of business & technology(Biztak,karachi). Is this university in W catagory?. please anyone"
Name: shuja
Email: shuja3813@hotmail.com
City, Country: karachi,pakistan

"Indus Institute of Higher Education is the best university in Karachi, no doubt."
Name: Farhan Hussain
Email: pearl_stitch1@yahoo.com
City, Country: karachi,pakistan

"ive read in the jang news paper on(3/3/2009) that the IQRA University got 73 points as well as SZABIST get 73 points too. but in the HECs Web-Page ive read that IQRA University got 72 points not 73 but they all comes under 5 stars ranked universities, so i want to know that what points IQRA University has gotten by the Sindh Government(HEC) 73 or 72? "
Name: Rameez
Email: svmsvng@hotmail.com
City, Country: karachi,pakistan

"i came to know that preston university is in low catagory and will soon become closed by hec. anyone pls help me because i want to get addmission in the preston university i want the true picture of preston university "
Name: fazal-i-elahi jan
Email: fazaljan80@gmail.com
City, Country: karachi,pakistan

"I have come to know through reliable sources that Iqra University will soon be shut down due to its low standard. "
Name: Shehla
Email: shehla685@yahoo.com
City, Country: karachi,pakistan

"hey i just wanted to inquire that is LIAQUAT NATIONAL MEDICAL COLLEGE, KARACHI ranked in one of the top colleges or not??? please hit me back soon "
Name: Zafeer Yazdani
Email: deadman_stara@hotmail.com
City, Country: karachi,pakistan

"I have come to know through reliable sources that preston university soon be shut down due to its low standard. "
Name: noman
Email: noman_alisheikh@hotmail.com
City, Country: karachi,pakistan

"salam to all, i have come to know through reliable sources that iqra university is going to shut down due to lack of performance "
Name: rafiq
Email: syedrafiqshah@rocketmail.com
City, Country: karachi,pakistan

"Fedral urdu university of arts, science and technology karachi i). Is this university in W catagory?. please tell me anyone"
Email: hafsa_sami_1983@hotmail.com
City, Country:Karachi-Pakistan

"mehran university i think a first top ranked university jeo mehran"
Name: zubair ali
Email: zubairalidal@yahoo.com
City, Country:larkana,pakitan

"Asalamualikum. Hey! people all you have to remember just one thing that is all the Institutions and Universities are best when you will best, your study not depend on that you learn in high ranked university or a low ranked university but it depend on you what you are now in your field and where you see you on that field. Try to catch strong your filed and then i give you guarenty that your name will in the high ranked student."
Name: Ahtisham
Email: dreemsworld@live.com
City, Country:Tando Allahyar

"i want to take admision in btech pass.i live in malir there is pristone uneversity in malir.i want to know that shuld i take admision in in is it beter than indus intitute of higher education plz guide me"
Name: ali
Email: s_danish.net@hotmail.com
City, Country:karachi

"bahria university, i think is the best best university in karachi. just because of there discipline, security, environment, education, faculty, and well occupied environment."
Name: shehrozkhan
Email: shehrozkhan92@hotmail.com
City, Country:karachi,pakistan

"Can i know about Currently HEC Universities ranking ?"
Name: Imran Yaqoob
Email: i82y@hotmail.com
City, Country: Karachi, Pakistan

"i m the stdnt of B .Tech of indus universty site campus.i want to say tht indus uni is the best universty for technology"
Name: fazal masood
Email: fzlmasood532@gmail.com
City, Country: karachi pakistan

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Report on all shabby school buildings
Karachi: Sindh Minister for Education Pir Mazharul Haq has directed the Secretary of Education to submit a report of all dilapidated buildings of schools and colleges in the province, so that they could be repaired as soon as possible.

Taking notice of a school building collapse in Manora, Karachi, that killed four children, the minister issued notices to the relevant authorities. He asked the secretary to conduct a complete survey of all dilapidated buildings of schools and colleges across Sindh so that the lives of students could be saved by repairing them without any delay.

Watchdog body for Livestock dept: The Livestock Department Sindh has formed a watchdog committee on the directives of Sindh Minister for Livestock Abdul Haq alias Dost Muhammad Bhurt to visit Veterinary Hospitals and Centers of the Livestock Department to check their work and service.

The two-member committee comprises Dr Sikandar Ali Fazlani, Officer on Special Duty, and Dr Mohan Lal Officer on Special Duty. They will submit a report making suggestions for improvements. The committee will also furnish a report about encroachments and the illegal occupation of some portions of the land of the Livestock Farms or offices in various parts of the province.

The committee is bound to submit it to the Secretariat of Livestock and Fisheries Department by 15 October 2008. ppi/app

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DJ college teachers resent official's 'interference'
Karachi: The recent advice given by the director-general of colleges, Sindh, for a 10-minute cut in the duration of each class period at the DJ Government Science College has stirred up discontent among the teaching staff of the institution who described the move as "uncalled for interference in the affairs of the college".

The director-general had directed the college principal to shorten the duration of a period from 40 to 30 minutes.

"We are unable to understand what prompted the DG to give the principal such a dictation, especially when neither the teachers nor the students of the college have ever objected to the length of a period," some of the senior teachers remarked.

They argued that how could a teacher manage to complete his lecture and also satisfy the students who would raise some questions to understand some ambiguous points within 30 minutes, pointing out that students usually take several minutes to settle down in the classroom and get ready for the lecture.

Expressing their resentment over the official's directive, most teachers maintained that it was the prerogative of a college principal to decide about the duration of a period.

A principal would always take such decisions in consultation with his colleagues, they added.

When the DJ Science College principal, Prof Chughtai, was contacted by this reporter to seek his comments, he clarified that the DG Colleges asked him during a meeting to shorten the duration of a period. "He has not issued an official directive so far in this regard," said the principal.

He said that the normal length of a class period was 45 minutes but the duration had been curtailed by five minutes for the month of Ramazan with the consent of teachers and students.

However, he added, a further five minute cut was effected on the "insistence" of the DG colleges, Sindh. The DG had now asked him to shorten the period by another five minutes, he added.

Meanwhile, Prof Iftikhar Azmi, a leader of the Sindh Professors and Lecturers Association (SPLA), has also expressed concern over the DG's "interference" in the administrative affairs of the college. He supported the DJ teachers' stance that determining the period duration was the prerogative of the college principal concerned.

Terming the official's alleged interference "unwarranted", he said that the education authorities should refrain from indulging in such practices. Dawn

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DUHS wants help for amputees
Karachi: In April, 24-year-old Safaraz lost both his legs and his left arm just one month after he was appointed the point man or kaantay wallah in Pakistan Railways. The Landhi town resident, whose family hails from Haripur Hazara, despaired.

But on Sunday, Sarfaraz thanked the doctors at the Dow University Artificial Limb Centre (DUALC) for fitting him with artificial limbs. "I was shocked when I first saw Sarfaraz," said Sindh Information Technology Minister Haroon Raza on the occasion, "but thanks to Almighty Allah and Prof. Masood Hameed and his dedicated team members, Sarfaraz is standing on his feet."

DUALC has provided artificial limbs to 700 disabled persons so far. The cost of an artificial arm is around 36,000 rupees while an artificial leg comes to 76,000 rupees.

DUHS vice chancellor Prof. Dr Masood Hameed explained that the cost of preparing limbs at DUALC is cheaper compared to other countries. "We are bringing mechanized limb technology to Pakistan after Eid-ul-Fitr," he added.

Sarfaraz is lucky. According to SITE Town Nazim Izharuddin, he and Raza, who are members of the Patients Adaptation Society, rushed Sarfaraz to hospital as soon as they heard of the news. They put together 65,000 rupees cash to help.

For his part, Sarfaraz, who thanked the two men, said that the Pakistan Railways authorities have assured they will pay back whatever his family spent on his treatment.

"Those who have earned billions and trillions from this city of Karachi should come forward and share the government's effort to rehabilitate those who have become disabled accidentally," the minister said. "There are lots of charities in city and the people of this city have supported them through thick and thin but the corporate sector is lagging far behind." The minister added that DUALC cannot afford on its own to offer artificial limbs free of cost.

Sindh Assembly Deputy Speaker Shehla Raza said that she would advocate a centre for Larkana very soon. Daily Times

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