UHS entrance test result, No topper from Lahore

UHS entrance test result
Lahore, Sep 17: The University of Health Sciences Lahore Tuesday announced the result of entry test held on September 14.

Students of Faisalabad, Muzaffargarh and Attok have secured three top positions respectively in the test. Maximum marks of the test are 1100. It is a matter of concern for the academic institutions of the City, both public and private, that no student from Lahore could reach the top level and outsiders bagged all the key positions.

Prof Dr Malik Hussain Mubbashar, the UHS Vice Chancellor and Chairman Admission Board, Government Medical and Dental Colleges Tuesday declared the Provisional Merit List of Medical Entry Test MBBS/BDS 2008 at a press conference. The controller examination and other senior officers were also present on the occasion.

Addressing the press conference the UHS VC said that a total of 18,263 students appeared in the entry test. Out of these, 16,487 students were held eligible while 1,558 could not qualify the test, which indicates that the pass percentage remained approximately 90 per cent.

The VC said that results of 218 students had been declared RL as some students had not mentioned the MCQ paper's ID and roll number correctly in the response forms. Therefore, in the interest of these students, their results were being withheld at this point to further scrutinise their response forms so that the students do not have to suffer for this mistake.

He said that Hafiz-e-Quran students get 20 marks extra and these marks have not been added in this list, as they have to be verified by special Board of Hufaz-e-Quran.

Any complaint against the result of Entry Test could be lodged within 15 days of the declaration of result, the VC said adding, no complaint will be entertained thereafter.

About top three positions, the UHS Vice Chancellor said that a Faisalabad student Talha Niaz got first position by securing 986 marks in the entry test out of 1100.

He had got 1024 marks in the FSc Exam out of 1100. He said the student who topped the merit list got 92.05 per cent marks. The merit has been determined through combining 70 per cent marks obtained in the FSc and 30 per cent from entry test.

Similarly, Khizra Mumtaz of Muzzafargarh got second position in the test by having 91.709 per cent numbers. Out of total marks of the entry test, she managed to secure 1006 numbers while she got 1010 numbers in the FSc Exam.

Fahad Zafar from Attok got third position by securing 1034 marks in the Entry Test with a percentage of 91.64. He had got 997 marks in FSc Exam.
Giving further details, the VC said that at least 13 centers were established across the province to conduct Entry Test. A total of 6,798 students appeared in the entry test from Lahore which was the highest number than those appeared from other districts of the province. Out of these, 4,487 were the female while 2,307 male students.

The result of the entry test showed that a large number of students first FSC and then entry test will not be able to enter in medical colleges. The reason being that the number of seats are limited, about 3,000 in both public and private medical colleges while the above 16,000 students passed the examination. Most of the students appeared in the Entry Test were girls, showing that there is a greater tendency among female students to take up medical education. The Nation

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"according to ur news of uhs result it has been cleared that toppers of lahore donot deserve addmission in medical college i am also a topper of rawalpindi board and i also have got no seat in medical college. my question from the punjab government is why they are checking the student ability of 14 years education from just app.3 hours.this is not justice. it means that there is no future of toppers.what the benefit we gain from the position and good marks(this degree).we dont need this type of degree at all.thank you."
Name: kokab
Email: kokab_princess@yahoo.com
City, Country: chakwal pakistan

"entry test is just a game during test students may lose thier confidence and make mistakes and after negetive marking they become huge ive got 922 marks from sargodah board and u knw wat is sargodah board but i couldt get adm in medical now what abt my future entry test should be finished becoz real talent iz losing."
Name: sana
Email: sana_sunny90@yahoo.com
City, Country: bhakkar, pakistan

"i am sorry to say but entry test shows the real talent.. u can get good marks in fsc by ratta but in entry test no ratta works out.. so here comes the difference!! "
Name: mariam
Email: marium222@hotmail.com
City, Country: islamabad, pakistan

"i jst want to say why entry test is so imp??"
Name: anam
Email: noacces.msn@gmail.com
City, Country: lahore, pakistan

"ENTRY TEST is very important because it gives a chance to the talented students who unfortunately could not get good marks in FSc. I got 924 marks in FSc. and I have got admission in a medical college due to the Entry test if it didnt held i couldnt get admission this year."
Name: Muhammad Saqlain
Email: dsaqlain924@yahoo.com
City, Country: JHANG, pakistan

"i think entry test is very important to eredicate rata culture those students who have got good marks in fsc then why not in entry test although i have got 904 marks in fsc but i still appreciate the helding entry test although i have not got addmission ."
Name: asim jamil
Email: asimjamil36@yahoo.com
City, Country: rawalpindi, pakistan

"mcat,2008 was a real good example of rataliazation!!"
Name: minal
Email: metallicc90@hotmail.com
City, Country: lahore, pakistan

"entrance test gives right to the brillient student. "
Name: Muhammad umair
Email: umair.tameerian@gmial.com
City, Country: quetta, pakistan

"i think entry test is a good thing.it gives a chance to all those students who could not score well in fsc due to some reason like me.but INSHALLAH i wll get good marks in MCAT.PLEASE PRAY FOR ME.THANKS "
Name: Ali B hinder
City, Country: gujranwala, pakistan

"It is always bringing those who are not fit for the training the poor always looking the way of chance. it is a smart scheme "
Name: khalid
Email: khalidshahzad66@hotmail.com
City, Country: Lahore, Pakistan

"What do i believe is E or M-CAT is just a simple way of filtering and escorting a huge sum of students outta major fields.Nothing like overviewing talent or some kinda thing....jus t because of shortage of seats available....So if there arent enough seats,therell be an entry test....But of course,its an unfair mean as it shatters alot of students futures illiterally..."
Name: Adil
Email: Soul_perfumer@yahoo.com
City, Country: Lahore, Pakistan

"Entry test is just a gamble. it is only based on luck instead of harworking.it can ruin your hardwork of 2 years just in 150 minutes."
Name: Aiman Asif
Email: mnasif_thegreat@yahoo.com
City, Country: sargodha, pakistan

"I need to know my numbers in test... from which website i can get detail?"
Name: Khalid
Email: khalid_s122003@yahoo.com
City, Country: Rawalpindi, pakistan

"plz dont join academies of lahore if u join them.then beware of hostel accomodation.thier hostels are spoiling talent of pakistan.they accomodate atleast 8-10 student in one room.how 8-10 students of different modes can prepare themselves for mcat type entry test."
Email: man_is_malik@yahoo.com
City, Country: gujrat, pakistan

"nice stuff.thanks for sharing."
Name: The FLUX Inc
Email: thefluxinc@gmail.com
City, Country: faisalabad, pakistan

"i think entry test is the real test.Fsc is just RATTA SYSTEM.instead of just giving 30% weightage to entry test it should be 50%....to give fair chance 2 evry brilliat student.... "
Name: iqra
City, Country: pakistan

"its my humble request to the government of punjab :plz increase the no of seats for medical students."
Name: sidra
Email: sidra_dhariwal@yahoo.com
City, Country: faisalabad, pakistan

"please announce the result of entry test as soon as possible we all are too tense and do not give 200 seats to bloody A level students because if they are pakistani they should have to follow the pakistani study ."
Email: megawaraich@live.com
City, Country: vehari, pakistan

"I have done FSc from Federal board.I think that if some Pakistanis are acquiring high standard education based on concepts i.e A_levels they should not be discouraged.I really found the MCAT entry test 2009 based on learning and not on concepts.There were not even 25 questions based on intelligence and concepts.Thats really pathetic.But besides all this entry test should not be eliminated but should be improved."
Name: saba
Email: shah_bitte@hotmail.com
City, Country: Islamabad, pakistan

"alevel students deserve 200 seats...this is bcoz if the paper was set based on wat uhs provided in the syllabus....none of alevel student would want the 200 seats seperate quota......but as the uhs set the paper far beyond the scope of wat they provided them in the syllabus...so providing them with seperate 200 seats will be like doing justice with them... "
Name: abbas
Email: raza.kooldude@gmail.com
City, Country: Islamabad, pakistan

"entry test is very imp .it must be done.it change our mind."
Name: muaaz naeem
Email: drhmmuaaznaeem@yahoo.com
City, Country: lahore, pakistan

"Anyone please recheck my entry test papers"
Name: anshanif
Email: anshanif@yahoo.com
City, Country: sialkot, pakistan

"plz increase seats in medical colleges plzzzzzzzzzzzz"
Name: mishal
Email: chocolatedreams78@yahoo.com
City, Country: pakistan

"let me tell u all that rata is not so simple as u people think. it is a gift given by ALLAh to people. all you brilliants who are against rata, tell me!! everyone is equal intelligent only the hard work makes the difference. your performance in the life is the proof of your ability. i am asking which one of you can say that he totally understand the things which he has read.... with best regard."
Name: khalid shabbir
Email: ksyasir2012004@gmail.com
City, Country: gujrat pakistan

"entry test is neccessary as it allow to pass the students with low numbers.due to it not only high number students ,but also low number student can also pass."
Name: tasneem ahmed
Email: rare_boy_007@yahoo.com
City, Country: multan, pakistan

"I also want to know that WHY entry test is so important?"
Name: Diya
Email: zia_asim@yahoo.com
City, Country: multan, pakistan

"friends!i m final year mbbs student,jus wanna say,dont loose hope,develop a passion to get thru entry test with flying colors but always keep an alternative in life.best of luck"
Name: uzma
Email: doctor javed18@yahoo.com
City, Country: islamabad,pakistan

"i like university of health sc. i want to be the student of this university. sir plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz tell how can. is their any seets for the student of KPK, if their is then inform me"
Name: usman ali
Email: usman_ali66117@yahoo.com
City, Country: Buner {KPK}



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