CAP placement results of Class-XI pre-medical (male)

CAP colleges placement results of Pre Medical (Male) announced
Karachi, Sep 12: Sindh Colleges Director General and Centralised Admission Policy (CAP) Chairman Professor Dr Rafique Ahmed Siddiqui, announced the placement results of Pre Medical (Male) of Class XI for government colleges on Friday.

According to the press release issued, 2928 admission were given in 41 intermediate colleges. The CAP has also issued a list of cut-off marks for each college. Professor Siddiqui has advised all successful candidates to visit concerned college(s) and complete their admissions process within seven days. The classes will be scheduled after the admission process at the colleges has been completed, Dr Siddiqui said.

There were 479 students with A-One Grade, 835 with A-Grade, 782 and 600 with B and C-Grade respectively and 226 with D-Grade, while six students had an E-Grade in the cut-off list, he added.

As per cut-off list, Adamjee Government Science College had maximum 806 and minimum 723, Islamia Government Science College, 691 to 569, Government PECHS Education Foundation College, 707 to 566, Government Degree Boys College, Gulzar-e-Hijri from 702 to 341, Govt. Degree College, Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Block-7, 700 to 563, Government National College (morning) from 703 to 542, Government Degree Boys College Gulistan-e-Johar, 677 to 307.

Furthermore, Government Jamia Millia Degree College (morning), 826 to 317, Government superior Science College (Morning), 708 to 474, Government Degree Science and Commerce College Landhi / Korangi, 678 to 408, Government Boys College Landhi-4, 663 to 340, Allama Iqbal Govt. Boys Science College (morning), 655 to 354, Government Degree Science College Malir, 650 to 354, Government Degree College Malir Cantt, 789 to 664.

Government Degree College, Boys College Razaqabad, 647 to 441, Government Degree College, Murad Memon Goth, 679 to 420, Government Degree Boys College Quaidabad from 635 to 400, Government Degree Boys College, Korangi 2-1/2, 661 to 337, D.J Sindh Government Science College, 742 to 679, S. M. Govt. Science College, from 679 to 616, Government Aisha Bawany College (morning), 734 to 546, Government Degree Science and Commerce College, Lyari from 610 to 372.

Haji Abdullah Haroon Government College, (morning), 614 to 350, Government Dehli Inter Science College 770 to 587, Government City College, (morning), 619 to 338, Government Degree Science College, Liaquatabad, 675 to 315, Government Siraj ud Daulah College, (morning), 645 to 345, Pakistan Shipowner's Government College, 689 to 543, Government Degree College for Boys 7-D, North Karachi, 607 to 340, Government Degree College for Boys, Mango Pir, 543 to 403, Government Degree Boys College, Konxar Village, 516 to 412, Government Degree Boys College Surjani Town, 449 to 385, Government Degree Boys College, 5L New Karach, 636 to 307, Government Degree Boys College, Buffer Zone, 614 to 357, Government Jinnah College, North Nazimabad, 692 to 529, Govt. Degree Science and Commerce College Orangi from 681 to 357, Government Degree Boys College, Asifabad, 614 to 373, Government Degree Boys College, Jungle Shah from 670 to 354, Government College for Men, Nazimabad, 747 to 617, Government Degree Boys College, Shams Peer, 541 to 400, and Government Degree Boys College, KMC Store, 614 to 315.

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"cap 2009 commerce placement result ajjye to koi batadena plzzz"
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"give me cap result about commerce "
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"i reayalye like this project it very easy and goog feed bak fro the students."
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"mjhay k say pta chalay ga k mera addmision ks collage main hwa hai"
Name: raza ali
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Universities become another means for profiteering
Karachi: Universities have also become profit-maximizing institutions where many teachers have lost the nobility for the profession and teach merely to increase their material benefits. The quality of teachers has also worsened, as they spend few hours in the classroom, while many seem to have limited knowledge of their subjects. Consequently, the students are worse off. They don't seem much concerned with learning and only focus on ways to acquire more marks-even if the ways are unethical.

In Karachi University (KU), a student recently told his English teacher: "Sir, if you have any work to be done in the administration building, legal or illegal, just tell me." Fortunately the teacher simply asked the student to concentrate on his studies instead.

However, this offer is not an isolated example, and many such incidents occur in both public and private institutions.

KU also has several other problems, such as encroachers on its land. The land mafia, emboldened by inaction or connivance from the authorities, is trying to grab as much land as possible. The NED University of Engineering & Technology (constructed on a site gifted by the KU) is one such example, as they frequently try to grab pieces of land belonging to the KU and cite it as their need. Some professors at KU suggested that NED should move to the 'Education City' on Super Highway, returning the land and structure thereon to the rightful owner KU.

Private universities are even more commercial than the public ones and invite (or lure) students to their institutions by excessive advertisements. An interesting example is that of an upcoming university which is trying to market its media courses. It had hired retired teachers from the KU and other recognised places, but to date not a single student has opted to take the bait. The reason for this nonchalant behaviour, as a teacher confided, is the formidable fee that the institution has suggested. It seems that their offer is too expensive to attract the buyers.

It is most unfortunate when many students with high qualifications fall prey to the commercialisation of educational institutions.

A student who topped the list of successful candidates for Intermediate Science (Pre-Engineering) examinations from Board of Intermediate Education (BIE) Karachi has been denied a seat at Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute of Engineering & Technology (GIKIET). The Rector says that the admission timeline had expired, otherwise he would have 'loved' to admit the student. The student, from a low income group family, is devastated. He is silent, but some are asking questions. The news

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