Education policy : Focus on religious education

Islamiat as a compulsory subject from Class 1 to 12
Islamabad, Sep 28: The new education policy of the federal government has focused on teaching of human rights as envisioned by Islam. In line with the policy, religious education will be promoted through hiring of qualified teachers and publication of quality textbooks.

The objective of religious education is to teach ethics and good behaviour to the students and make them learn the basic principles for spending their daily social life.According to the policy, Islamiat will be taught as a compulsory subject from Class 1 to 12. Students will be instructed about morality through examples set by Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) in his day-to-day affairs and dealings with Muslims and non-Muslims.

The government will ensure that the Islamiat textbooks and other learning materials do not contain anything contrary to Islamic injunctions or any controversial material regarding any sect or religious and ethnic minorities.

The policy will make sure that the Islamiat textbooks allow the children to learn, understand and apply the fundamental principles in their lives, with an aim to change and build a society based on the principles of Quran and Sunnah.

The policy will focus on the rights and duties of parents, relatives, neighbours, teachers, friends, companions, children, women, orphans, widows, patients, handicapped persons, elders, travellers, guests and non-Muslims.

There will also be lessons on tolerance, forgiveness, patience, honesty, piety, chastity, enlightenment, service to humanity, punctuality, simplicity, love for the country and countrymen, Islamic brotherhood, truth, dignity of labour, equality, commitment to vows, 'halal' earnings, discipline, respect for law, national unity, mutual co-existence and purity in the light of Islamic teachings.

The policy says that qualified teachers will be appointed to teach Islamiat and Arabic, adding that training programmes in the two subjects will be provided for pre-service and in-service teachers.

The government plans to arrange for the printing of rare books on Islam and charts and materials relating to Islamic injunctions, and will distribute them amongst the libraries of schools, colleges, universities, research institutions and madrassas.

The government will award scholarships to students, who want to get higher education in Islamic studies. The new policy also has a provision for non-Muslim students to study ethics and moral education in place of Islamiat. The news

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PSF accuses UoP admin of poor marking
Peshawar: Pakhtoon Students Federation (PSF) staged demonstration in front of Peshawar Press Club against BA, B.Sc result announced by Peshawar University accusing the administration for poor marking. The demonstration was led by Provincial Secretary Information of PSF, Muhammad Imran, President of Superior Science College, Wasim Khattak and other student leaders from various colleges.

The participants had held placards inscribing different slogans against examination department of Peshawar University.

Addressing the gathering, PSF Secretary Information Muhammad Imran alleged that the papers were checked by students instead of teachers which darkened the future of several students.

He said scores of students were declared failed in different subjects in order to collect millions of rupees in the name of rechecking and re-totaling.

He demanded the Governor and Vice Chancellor (VC) to check the paper transparently and save the students career from darkness. F.P Report

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"They did very wrong this time. The Chancellor should be fired coz he destroyed the future of thousands of students. This is not fair that students check the papers of BA and BSC. Even the college Topers failed this time 24715 have given exam of 4th year and only 3210 are passed and rest of them are failed that is not fair. Some body should take action"
Name: Umar
City, Country: Peshawar, Pakistan


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Board toppers happy over VIP treatment
Rawalpindi: The position holders of Secondary School Certificate (SSC) exams from four education boards of Punjab have expressed their gratitude to Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif for giving them extraordinary respect and encouragement.

According to a press release, they were speaking at a reception hosted in their honour on the instructions of the chief minister at Pearl Continental Burbhan.

The position holders are: Abdul Manan (998 marks) of Sargodha Board, Mohammad Hussain Asif (1009 marks), Faisalabad Board, Ali Murtaza (1013 marks), Lahore Board, and Abdul Basit of Sargodha Board who obtained 1017 marks.

They said one can never imagine such kind of reward of getting top position in the examinations. "We are lucky to have the status of state guest and VIP protocol during our recreation visit to many areas."

Chief coordinator for the visit, Director General Protocol Punjab Asjad Ghani Tahir said the chief minister had ordered excellent arrangements for the visit of the students to Patriata, Ayubia, Nathia Gali, Khanpur and other resorts.

The coordinators from Bahawalpur, Lahore, Faisalabad and Sargodha boards also spoke on the occasion and highlighted the policies formulated by the Punjab government for extending educational facilities to both urban and rural areas of the province. Dawn

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