Fraudulent practice at KU | SZABIST students

Fraudulent practice at KU Semester Cell goes unpunished
Karachi, Sep 09: A case of the tampering with the mark sheet at the Semester Cell of the University of Karachi (KU) has come to light.

According to the reliable sources, a teacher in the Department of Computer Science was assigned to work in the cell to ease the workload on the staff. The teacher had access to the tabulation records and found it convenient to tamper with it and issue a doctored mark sheet to a student of the department of Mathematics. The discrepancy in the marks of the particular students came to the attention of Dr Javed Zaki, Incharge of the semester cell, when the student applied for his degree. He warned the said teacher to stop indulging in such malpractices and corrected the results.

The matter did not end here as a group of students belonging to a certain student organisation pressurised him to resign. Dr Zaki submitted his resignation to the Vice Chancellor but it was not accepted and he was urged to continue.

Surprisingly no action has been taken against the teacher for his dishonest deeds. The general feeling of the teachers' fraternity is that the teacher is connected with a political party and the KU administration is reluctant in taking any action against him for that precise reason. "The teacher concerned is not coming to the Cell as a tabulator and there are no chances of his role in the future', Zaki explained.

The Vice Chancellor disagrees. "The university is passing through a very difficult period. There pressure from different quarters, from the political parties, students parties and even the staff but we are trying to ward off that culture. We request the stakeholders to recognise our difficult position. We have to have some line of demarcation between the good and bad and we have them. The person concerned had made mistake in copying the marks. It was not deliberate. We have warned and removed him from the Cell. Dr Zaki is devoting lot of his time at the Cell to ensure that things are in proper state", he explained.

In the meantime a senior lawyer informed that such cases should be reported to the police for legal action.

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SZABIST students not happy with Leghari's exit
Karachi: Students of the Shaheed Zulfikar Ali Bhutto Institute of Science & Technology (SZABIST) have expressed their disappointment in the sudden departure of its President Dr Javed Leghari who left the institution to become the Chairman of the Higher Education Commission (HEC).

Zahid Imam (not his real name) was of the opinion that the departure of an academic like Dr Leghari did not bode well for the institute. With an agonising look he stated that "This departure is really disturbing, and on top of that there is no sign of a new appointee to take his place, a person who should already be in position by now." He further added that "It is certainly a loss for SZABIST."

An official of the Institute, on the condition of anonymity, laughed off on the idea of the world tumbling down for SZABIST after Leghari's departure. The official said "People come and go but things go on. Nature does not work like a vacuum so there is no question about our institution coming down dramatically as far as the standard of education is concerned."

The same official informed that Dr Izharul Haque, a seasoned academic, will be joining the institute. Dr Haque has a PhD from Cambridge University, MSc from the Imperial College (University of London) and B.Sc. from Queen Mary College, London (now Queen Mary University). He has taught in the University of London, in Dubai and Canada and is mostly research oriented. The news

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Violence erupts at Jamshoro campus
Hyderabad: Violence erupted at the Jamshoro campuses on Monday night when police arrested a JSSF activist who announced boycott of classes in Sindh and Mehran universities on Tuesday (Sept 1).

Sources said he had announced the boycott on the instruction of Abdul Wahid Areesar, chairman of his own faction of the Jeay Sindh Qaumi Mahaz.

After the arrest of the activist, angry students staged a sit-in at the hostel gate of the Sindh University and later set a police motorcycle on fire at the main gate and also burnt furniture at the gate room.

According to reports, police resorted to aerial firing. Protesting students also tried to block the Indus Highway, but police resorted to baton-charge and teargas shelling and stopped them. Some students were reportedly injured.

Sindh university sources told this reporter that a JSSF student leader of Mehran University, Izhar Shar, had made an announcement from the mosque provoking students to boycott classes on Tuesday in protest against the release of Ehsan Kundhar who was arrested in the murder case of JSSF leader of Mehran university, Asad Abbasi. Pamphlets were also distributed in the Sindh and Mehran universities hostels to boycott classes.

According to police, JSSF (Basheer Khan Qureshi) leader Qurban Mahar, president of Sindh University unit, and four other students were arrested.

On Tuesday, attendance in both the universities remained thin as the point buses remained off the road. JSSF students staged a sit-in at the campus.

One Sindh university point bus was set ablaze at Wahdat colony. Of the 100 point buses of Sindh University, only 25 buses operated between Hyderabad and Jamshoro on Tuesday.

Jamshoro police, when contacted on telephone, denied arrest of any student.

However, it confirmed that an FIR had been registered against more than 150 students under sections 147, 148, 149, 353, 435, 427 PPC, 324 Qissas and Deeyat ordinance and section 6/7 of Anti Terrorism Act for rioting, torching of government property and obstructing law enforcement agencies in performance of their official duties. Dawn

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