Froebel's Education Centre Cambridge results

Froebel's Education Centre best results in O levels
Karachi, Sep 09: The result of O and A levels was announced on the Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) website on August 10 with Froebel's Education Institute having one of the best results in O levels. The students appeared in 16 different subjects for O levels, overall the Frobel's students scored 189 A's, 135 B's, 48 C's, 11 D's, three E's and two U's. The best result was seen in the English language subject taught by Mrs Zafar where out of 47 students, 38 of them got A grades and eight of them B and only one C. Other prominent results included 11 A's, nine B's, and three C's in Accounts and 12 A's, nine B's and three C's in Business Studies.

The highest achiever in the Frobel's Education Centre was Sunaina Ansari who scored 10 straight A's. "I give all the credit to my teachers who taught me so well that I never required a lot of tuitions and yet managed to get 10 A's", Sunaina Ansari said.

Aiming to become a chartered accountant and serving her country as an economist, Sunaina believed that it was the extra effort of her faculty members that made her success possible. "Nowadays tuitions are very common trend in other institutes but when your class teachers are giving you a complete package for the course work then you never require tuitions, I only got tuitions for Mathematics because I was very weak at it or else the teachers had done a great job".

Specially thanking her English teacher Mrs Zafar and Accounts teacher Ms Ayesha she said "All of our teachers had given their numbers that no matter what time of the day it is we can contact them and my accounts teacher has specially compiled a book of past papers which she gave me for extra study that proved very helpful in the end.

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"Which is the best "Matric System" School for Class VII & VII in DHA / Clifton Karachi"
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Too many cooks spoil the broth…
Karachi: The presence of a number of education boards operating in the city has created a dilemma for students, parents and teachers alike, as most citizens are embroiled in the confusion surrounding which education board to follow, which system is more innovative, which curriculum is more contemporary and above all, what is the financial feasibility of being educated through a particular education board.

Presently five different education boards are at work in Karachi, including Board of Secondary Education Karachi (BSEK), Board of Intermediate Education Karachi (BIEK), Federal Board of Secondary and Intermediate Education (FBSIE), Agha Khan University Education Board (AKUEB) and Cambridge International Examinations (CIE).

"The coexistence of five different boards within a city is a great example of how twisted the education system in Karachi is, where no standardised merit can be set to judge the theoretical and practical knowledge of students," said Commander Najeeb Anjum, the principal of Adamjee Government Science College.

Talking about the reason behind the existence of a number of boards, Anjum held the Sindh government responsible for neglecting this issue for long. "When the directorate of private schools, a department of the Sindh government, can allow a private school to be opened on a 120-square-yard house which doesn't even fulfill the basic requirement of infrastructure, then how can you expect them to streamline a singular education system?" he questioned.

"The orthodox curriculum of the government boards has led to the intervention of other boards. To find a single education system, the government should sit on a single platform with all parents, teachers and other stakeholders of the education systems to decide on a unified national education policy, or else the differences within the education system will keep on increasing," Commander Najeeb added.

However, most of these boards cater to a particular kind of student, and a specialised lot of students choose CIE, AKUEB and the other boards. The Federal Board is only followed in schools of the armed forces, including Army Public School, while the BIEK has been taken up by the majority of community schools.

On the contrary, teachers believe that being a student of Matric or of O level does not make a huge a difference. "I don't think the problem is with the Matric system or the Karachi Board, but the real problem is with the way examinations take place. You hear every year about a great number of cheatings and other mishaps during the conduct of the Board exams, as a result of which real merit never comes out. Compare this situation to the Agha Khan Board or the CIE, and you'll appreciate that they are well-conducted and mishaps never take place," said Salman Abedin, a renowned educationist and a teacher at various institutes said.

Abedin believed that in an ideal situation, there should have been one system, though he believed competing ideologies have always existed. The parents who are financially more sound prefer to send their children to Cambridge system because it is believed to be more innovative or to the Agha Khan board .On the contrary, those who cannot afford have no choice but to follow the locals boards. Sadly this classification has given rise to the concept of the educational elite as well, he added.

The students on the other hand are of the opinion that money is what matters in the end and decides your future institution. "This difference in the education system will never be finished because no one wants to abolish it. Students from the Karachi Board suffer badly because the entry tests of most of private universities are made with the A' and O' level pattern. Naturally, CIE students are better trained, but our chances of admission are drastically reduced," said Shahmir Ali Khan, an intermediate student.

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Self-Assessment Test at GCT
Karachi: Self-Assessment Test at GCT: More than 1,500 students took the Self-Assessment Test at the Government College of Technology (GCT). A number of emminent personalities, including the principal, and vice-principal of the college, visited the test site and ensured transparent exam procedures.

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Literacy walk held at Quaid's mausoleum
Karachi: Schools students and young participants of the literacy walk at Quaid-e-Azam's Mausoleum, which was organised by the Education department, waited hours for the arrival of the chief guest, Education Minister, Pir Mazharul-Haq on Tuesday.

The department issued a late notification on Monday night regarding changes in the programme but many media organisations and schools could not get updated programme and went to Quaid's Mausoleum according to the old time.

The senior minister, Pir Mazharul-Haq, speaking to the local media after the walk blamed all previous governments for the decrease in education standard throughout the province and said that in the past governments paid less attention towards educational sector.

The education minister said, that during Musharraf's regime the control of education sector was shifted to local bodies system, which were not capable enough. "It causes serious damage to the education system," he said.

The minister promised to increase the standard of education in Sindh. "The government is planning to bring education to international standards and all measures will be taken in this regard," Pir Mazhar said. The news

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