Punjab university various exams results 2009

Punjab university declared BCom, other exams results
Lahore, Sep 29: Punjab University Examinations Department has declared the results of Bachelor of Commerce (BCom), Part-I, Annual Examination 2009, MA Library Science, Part-II, Annual Examination 2009 and MA Arabic, Semester System, Session 2007-2009.

In BCom, Part-I, Annual Examinations 2009, a total of 46116 candidates appeared, out of which 19207 candidates were declared successful and thus pass percentage remained 41.65. Briefing about the details of the result, PU Controller Examinations Prof Zahid Karim Khan said a total of 33462 male candidates appeared in the exam and 12241 were declared successful and the pass percentage remained 36.58.

Whereas a total of 12654 female candidates appeared in the exam and 6966 were declared successful and the pass percentage of girls remained 55.05. Detailed results are also available at PU website www.pu.edu.pk. F.P Report

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A-Level students gripe about 'out-of-course' questions
Lahore: A-Level students on Monday complained against the out-of-course questions in all the four sections of the entrance test for admissions to medical/dental colleges of Punjab.The A-Level candidates, appearing in the Medical Colleges Entrance Test (MCAT), have protested that a substantial number of questions were not based on the A-Level syllabus outline present on the website of the University of Health Sciences.

The candidates, in a press statement issued here on Monday, said that it was a matter of concern that candidates, who were from an A-Level background, were already discriminated against by a faulty equivalence formula that restricted them to 935 marks out of 1100 (85%) irrespective of the high marks they might have scored in the A-Level exams. They said that due to the setting of MCAT questions from outside the prescribed syllabus, the A-Level and other non-FSc candidates had no hope of securing an open merit seat in any of the government medical and dental college of the province.

The A-Level students said that they had followed the instructions of the UHS regarding the MCAT yet the same instructions were disregarded by the paper-setters. Time and again, they said, the administration and the vice-chancellor of the UHS had informed the students at various forums and through the UHS website that the MCAT questions would be based on the A-Level syllabus present on the UHS website but that was not the case.

The students also gave a list of topics not present in the prescribed A-Level syllabus but the questions in the MCAT 2009 were still set from them, adding that in Biology, names of neurotransmitters in the brain; cellular structure of cardiac muscle cell; trans location mutation of DNA strand; inheritance of rhesus factor; presence or absence of chemo-receptors for blood oxygen in aortic bodies. In Chemistry, Determination of relative atomic mass of Neon (the information given for calculation was incomplete) while in Physics, Graphical relationship between force and potential energy.

They said that many more questions were out of course too. They reported many more discrepancies in the question setting which was unfortunate and would adversely affect the scores of A-Level MCAT candidates.

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PMA blasts UHS for irregularities in entrance test
Lahore: The Pakistan Medical Association (PMA) has alleged irregularities in the entrance test for admissions to medical/dental colleges of the Punjab held under the aegis of University of Health Sciences, Lahore.

In a joint statement issued here on Monday, PMA Lahore chapter President Prof Yasmin Rashid, General Secretary Dr Tanveer Anwar, Vice President Dr Abrar Ashraf Ali, Finance Secretary Dr Kamran Saeed and Joint Secretary Dr Salman Kazmi, PMA Centre President Dr Sarwar Chaudhry and Joint Secretary Dr Shahid Malik have said that the irregularities committed in the UHS entrance test had put a big question mark on the credibility of the entire examination system of the university.

They claimed that wrong answers were given in at least 20 questions, late and wrong distribution of question papers at various centres, wrong answer keys and wrong frame of papers were some of the major anomalies during the entrance test. They said that the inefficiency and irregularities committed by the UHS during the test had played with the educational future of the students, which was unacceptable. "PMA condemns it," they said. They further said that UHS had changed the result of last year's entrance test three times. "It has given extreme mental torture to the students and their parents," they said. The news

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"UHS has set up the standards for Fsc and A level students and forced their decision on foreign students of Pakistani origin to qualify these tests, outrightly ignoring the facts that many countries in the world do not follow any of these curriculum. Students from USA and Canada have specially been discriminated having been forced to take these tests of which they had absolutely no bearings although they would be paying there tuition and other expenses in foreign currency which our country and institutions need badly. There is a very clear ulterior motive behind the imposition of this regulation of test on foreign students as in the past whatever seats were left after admission of foreign students, the local highest bidders to both the institutions and individuals were duly awarded those seats. Proves the intellect and brain bashing, though evil, of the person/s who devised the strategy. Well done Pakistan. Long live Quaid-e-Azams dream."
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"There is no doubt tht UHS has comitted serious errors in not only setting the questions for the NON-FSC students but also in the scheme of answers displayed on their website. the biggest proof to support this allegation is the mere fact tht most of A-lvl studendts who appeared for M-CAT had very high grades in their A lvl examinations,so how can the same ppl perform so devastatingly in a test that has been prepared from their very sllybus. Uhs should reconsider their allocation of marks to the non-fsc students.They hav no right to toy wid the future of these candidates and undermine all their hardwork."
Name: gulshaan
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Wani appointed Education Foundation MD
Lahore: The Punjab government has appointed officer on special duty (OSD) Mohiyddin Wani as the Punjab Education Foundation managing director (MD).

Wani, who was serving as the director general public relations (DGPR), was posted as OSD on July 31. Daily times

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