Punjab government colleges poor results

Collective performance of 26 Punjab colleges has been zero percent
Lahore, Sep 15: The Punjab government deserves a pat on the back for pulling up principals of a number of government colleges for deteriorating educational standards. Reportedly, the collective performance of 26 colleges this year has been zero percent. The gravity of the situation can be gauged from the fact that not a single student from 14 of these colleges could sail through the bachelors' exams.

This is indeed a poor reflection on the state of education imparted in these government-run colleges. But still the question here is: Who is to be held responsible? There is no doubt that the fault lies with the management of these colleges. However the Punjab government too cannot escape the blame of not working hard enough to turn them into places of quality education.

There are a number of factors that contribute to the failure of the system. In the first place, there is a dearth of qualified teachers. Low salaries and absence of social security nets for the teachers' community fail to attract those who could open up minds and train the youth how to think. Most important of all, the educational milieu so to speak, itself beggars description. While broken furniture and dilapidated buildings are commonplace, amenities like, labs, research facilities, libraries are but non-existent.

These colleges likewise have no idea of preparing a strong human resource base from which the students could later on get decent jobs or become useful members of society. What is worse, the political parties step in to claim their share of the nation's youth. Given their dexterity in luring the students to themselves, the trend of joining student wings of the national parties has affected a heavy toll on their ability to attend to studies.

Whereas in private sector, the involvement of political parties has been curtailed it is a virtual free for all in the public sector. Chief Minister Mian Shahbaz Sharif's vision of quality education must not stop short of carrying out reforms in these sick units. Undoubtedly, it is an uphill task but very much in the realm of possibility. The nation

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"If the people like HUMAYUO FURSHOI are sitting in interviews panel of the Punjab public service commission and recommending the uneducated people, that are poor in there mind then the these unexpected thing would have been happened anywhere in this part of the world; Now days the principals of these types of colleges were the teachers, and lecturers in the past and they never taught truly and scenery in their classes, their colleagues were their witness of there actions that they did wrongly in the past, To-day no such types of bad reputed teachers of the past have becomes the principal unluckily, and now these principals wanted to do work as a good principals but such typed of bad repute teacher, reputation have become hurdle in their way as the enforcement some of the some strict laws of attendance to their colleagues, Secondly the person when sec these types of principles posted at their seats he never obligate himself because a bad teacher is a principal. "
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Children library at IMCB F-8/4 opens
Islamabad: A model library stocked with 6000 books on diverse subjects and children encyclopaedia opened at Islamabad Model College for Boys (IMCB) F-8/4.

The new library will cater the needs of junior students from class one to five and help promote reading habits among them from an early age. Principal IMCB F-8/4, Waheed-ud-Din said the recent tremendous progress in the field of computer technology has shifted the trend of book reading to internet searching. This has led to a decline in the number of visitor to the library.

However, it is an established fact that the knowledge acquired through books is everlasting and the books cannot be replaced by computers at any stage, he said. It was earnest demand of staff and students of junior section that they should have a separate library where kids can spend their time in reading. The library was inaugurated recently by Director Planning and Development, FDE, Zahoor Ali Awan last month. He was accompanied by the Director (P&D), Professor Syed Muhammad Waqar Ashraf and Director Model Colleges Dr. Mujahid Zamir.

The junior library is set up by utilizing college resources and it has ample space where 35 to 40 students can sit. The place was renovated and furnished to provide a peaceful environment to the kids for reading, he informed. The library has its own lady librarian with number of books mainly of the interest of topics related to junior classes. The establishment of this library has fulfilled a long standing demand of the junior lady teachers as most of the female staff in the Junior section were facing inconvenience in bringing kids to the central library located in the senior section of the college. The central library is not sufficient to fulfil the requirements of all the students as it is accommodating students from class six to intermediate, he said. The news

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Pakistani students excel in all fields
Lahore: Pakistani students have excelled in all fields of learning across the world, Punjab Governor Salmaan Taseer said on Monday.

He was addressing a ceremony at the Governor's House to award certificates to high-achievers of Aitchison College.

"I am over-awed to see students who are intelligent and immensely talented. The country needs such youth," the governor said. Taseer urged the students to work hard so they could play their due role in the progress and prosperity of the country. "Pakistan needs people like you who can make advances in the fields of Computer Science, Mathematics and Physics," he said.

The governor said he knew many Pakistanis who had made their mark in the world by dint of their genius.

Taseer appreciated the services of Aitchison College for education and congratulated the distinction winners. Later, the governor awarded certificates to Waleed Jehandad, Ayezan Malik and Hamza Aftab who xcelled in the Cambridge International O' Level and A' Level examinations in the subjects of Computer Studies, Mathematics and Physics. He exchanged pleasantries with the students and their parents and shared the experiences of his student days.

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Quality books should be provided to youth
Lahore: The Punjab Textbook Board (PTB) should evolve a comprehensive strategy for the provision of quality books to the youth, Punjab Chief Minister (CM) Shahbaz Sharif said on Monday.

The CM was talking to Ameena Syed of Oxford University Press (OUP) at the CM's Secretariat. He appreciated the quality of printing and standard of books published by the OUP and said the Punjab government was taking revolutionary measures for the uplift of the education sector and special attention was being paid to the provision of high standard books in schools and colleges.

He said the provision of quality books on science, mathematics, computer and other subjects to the students is the responsibility of PTB and it should take measures for this purpose. Daily times

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GCU awarded PhD degrees
Lahore: The Government College University (GCU) has awarded a PhD degree to Muhammad Nadeem Asghar in chemistry after approval of his thesis "Oxidative Stress Status Evaluation at Chemical and Biochemical Levels using Novel/Improved and Contemporary Methods." According to a press statement, he completed his research work under the supervision of Dr Islam Ullah Khan, professor of chemistry at GCU. Muhammad Nadeem was an HEC scholar. During his research work he got 15 research papers published in international journals.

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Mehfil-e-Quran at GCU
Lahore: A group of Qaris from Iranian city Kundan recited the Holy Quran during a Mehfil-e-Nazool-e-Quran organised by the Government College University's Department of Persian Language and Literature at the varsity's Bokhari Auditorium. According to a press statement, members of the group included Qari Muhammad Ali, Qari Ali Abbas, Qari Haider and Qari Ali. GCU Persian Department Chairperson Dr Iqbal Saqib appreciated the performance of the Iranian Qaris. Former Registrar Dr Zaheer Ahmed Siddiqi, senior faculty members and a large number of students attended the event. The news

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