Punjab medical colleges entry test percentage

Punjab medical colleges admission test percentage raised to 50
Lahore, Sep 25: Chief Minister Punjab Shahbaz Sharif has said the present government, by increasing health budget by 37 per cent, has ensured modern health facilities and free medicines as well as air-conditioning in general wards to poor and resourceless people, as a sum of more than Rs 4 billion is being spent annually on the provision of free medicines in the DHQs and teaching hospitals in the province.

He was addressing a meeting regarding entry test in medical colleges at the CM's Secretariat, says a handout issued here on Thursday. Provincial Minister for Education Mujtaba Shuja-ur-Rehman, MNA Ayaz Sadiq, MPA Dr Mukhtar Bhart, Chairman Planning & Development, Additional Chief Secretary, secretaries of Health and Higher Education departments, principals of medical colleges, vice-chancellors of King Edward Medical University and University of Health Sciences, and senior officers concerned attended the meeting.

He said the decision to hold entry test had been taken in 1998 for admission to professional colleges as Booti mafia was having a field day at that time and examination centres had become a source of income while disclosure of examination papers was a common practice. He said that health, education, law and order and other sectors faced a decay during the eight-year dictatorial regime and due to flaws in the system of entry test, the children of rich families started hindering the path of higher education for talented but poor students through self-finance scheme and other means.

He further said that due to effective strategy and as a result of syllabus-based entry test, the admission rate of students hailing from South Punjab remained 12.5 per cent as compared to that of the central Punjab, which was 10.5 per cent last year. He said students studying under the trees and on the mats showed better performance than the students of Lahore and Islamabad. He said that like position-holders, the students of remote areas qualifying the entry test with distinction would also be encouraged and not allowed to lag behind only due to financial problems.

Shahbaz said that centres for entry tests had been set up in far-flung areas where honest and well-reputed supervisors had been deputed so that poor and resourceless students could benefit from this facility close to there homes.

The meeting was informed that various measures of international standard had been taken to ensure hundred per cent transparency in examination and to check unfair means and activities of the Booti mafia.

It was also told to the meeting that weightage of the entry test would be 50 per cent instead of 40 per cent from the next year, and the students failing in the test would not be registered by the UHS. Similarly, private medical colleges will be bound to display their admission lists after the declaration of the entry test result by the medical colleges in public sector.

It was further informed that centres had been set up in 12 cities of Punjab for entry tests whereas there would be two centres in Lahore. Similarly, the merit list of the entry tests will be displayed on October 21 and selection list of candidates of MBBS and BDS on November 7. The classes will start from November 16. The nation

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"i want admisssion in mbbs college"
Name: ali
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Name: NUA
City, Country: FAISALABAD, Pakistan

"plz anyone tell me at what percentage merit closed last year for mbbs.I have got 82 perc. which i think is less.is it so"
Name: sumera javed
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City, Country: chakwal, Pakistan

"hw can i check entarance test result?"
Name: aftab
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"when uhs will announce entry test result..either they will take test again or will give marks 2 each student 4 20 wrong questions??????"
Name: samreena
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"plz announce the rzlt of mcat soon"
Name: uswa
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Name: SANA
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"Can any one tel me hoow can i check my result of entry test held on 27 sep 2009 . What is the web to check result"
Name: Amjad Khan
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"is dafa percentage 79% honi chaheay.i have got 81.9%"
Name: aisha
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"i want to ask what is criteria for submission of admission form after passing medical entry test (Punjab) "
Name: zuafshan mukhtar
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"hy can any body tell me about the merit of punjab medical colleges for year 2009 any guess... whether it goes up or down "
Name: dwa
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"when would you post the merit list of students who secured admissions in punjab medical and dental institutions? "
Email: kashifnisar21@yahoo.com
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"plz anyone tel me whether the merit z bcmng low r not"
Email: jalpari_1005@yahoo.com
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"can any 1 tel me , what was the merit last year 4 cmh addmission??? "
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"whenand where entry test resuilt will display and how much percentage expected "
Name: talha
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"i hav got 84.9375%.what r my chances 2 get admission in medical college.tell me piz"
Name: sabahat
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City, Country: sialkot, PAKISTAN

"i want to see the resuls for m.b.b.s entry test held on 27 september 2009. plz tell me the procedure "
Name: anmol
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"King Edward Medical College (KEMC): Around 262 open merit seats are available at the KEMC. The first candidate scored 92.2 percent. The last eligible candidate in the first list had a percentage of 87.4909 percent. Allama Iqbal Medical College (AIMC): Around 240 open merit seats are available at the AIMC. The first candidate selected for admission scored 90.4 percent. The last eligible candidate had a percentage of 85.9091 percent. Fatima Jinnah Medical College (FJMC): Around 160 open merit seats are available at the FJMC. The first candidate who was selected for admission secured 87.3455 percent. The last eligible candidate in the first list had a percentage of 84.8091 percent. Services Institute of Medical Sciences (SIMS): Around 142 open merit seats are available at the SIMS. The first candidate who was selected for admission secured 85.9 percent. The last eligible candidate in the first list had a percentage of 84.4182 percent. Nashter Medical College (NMC): Around 229 open merit seats are available at the NMC. The first candidate who was selected for admission secured 86.134 percent. The last eligible candidate in the first list had a percentage of 84.6 percent. Rawalpindi Medical College (RMC): Around 251 open merit seats are available at the RMC. The first candidate who was selected for admission scored 91.5 percent. The last eligible candidate in the first list had a percentage of 83.6727 percent. Sheikh Zayed Medical College (SZMC): Around 78 open merit seats are available at the SZMC. The first candidate who was selected for admission secured 83.4091 percent. The last eligible candidate in the first list had a percentage of 83.3545 percent. Quaid-e-Azam Medical College (QAMC): Around 249 open merit seats are available at the QAMC. The first candidate scored 88.6545 percent. The last eligible candidate in the first list had a percentage of 83.4545 percent. Punjab Medical College (PMC): Around 251 open merit seats are available at the PMC. The first candidate secured 92.5455 percent. The last eligible candidate in the first list had a percentage of 83.7 percent "
Name: Gada e Hussain
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City, Country: Lahore, PAKISTAN

"Can any 1 tell me what might be the weightage of F.sc & E.test marks this year?Ive a %age 85.1454,r there any chances for me to get admission in lahore? "
Email: Z.ISHAQUE@yahoo.com
City, Country: Lahore, PAKISTAN

"such a high percentage of girls in test is a good sign"
Name: sheba
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City, Country: gilgit, pakistan

"hi, its wrong to give 200 seats to o-level students its not fair for other 97% students.plz it will decrease seats for us.pray and also spread it so that uhs may take a fine decision.give them seats according to their percentage.THEIR STRENTH IS 3%.SO PLZ GIVE THEM SEATS BUT BE FAIR WITH US TOO"
Name: SANA
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"i want to see the resuls for m.b.b.s entry test held on 27 september 2009.Anyone plz tell me the procedure"
Name: rafaqat bukhari
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"i want to ask is it fair to allocate seperate seats for A LEVEL students???. if they can afford 12000 per month at intermediate level then why they cant afford private medical colleges? also the entry test paper of A LEVELS students were prepared from there own course then on what basis they are demanding seperate seats. if they are not able to qualify 4 even a single open merit seat then they should not also ask for seperate seats which are the right of only those candidates who are coming up to the merit. this is not fair at all"
Name: ayesha hakeem
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"what was last years merit of Punjab Medical College Fsd "
Name: atif
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"salam,can u at least declare the final date of merit list declaration every 1 is worried just release our tensnz plzzzzz 4 godz sake... "
Name: tooba
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"I am a regular student of MS(edu) at IIUI Islamabad iwant to study the consistency of studentsachievement in Board exams as well as in the entry test for admission in medical colleges so i need total result for entry test if anyone can give me information thanks"
Name: M.Blal
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"on merit 85% or 84% r good marks u hav much chances gud luck"
Name: nuasyed
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"Medical Colleges admission merit will fall this year as candidates have secured less marks in entry test this year as compared to 2008. Last yeat candidates getting 1000+ marks were around 105 and this year the number has fallen to just 52. In 2008 625 students baged 950+ marks in entry test and this year the number is around 275. Last year students with 900+ marks were around 1700 and this year the number is 835 only.Due to less marks in entry test the merit is certainly going to fall by 0.5-0.75 percent as compared to 2008. This is purely statistical analysis which which hold true."
Name: Tariq Mahmoos
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"can any one tell me that the admission test percentage raised to 50 for punjab medical colleges is for session 2009-10 or 2010-11"
Name: student
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"pa jee mera kithy admission oo jay ga?????? meri percentage 83.1909 hay!!!!!!!"
Name: bashir
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City, Country: Lahore Pakistan

"fikar naa kro... tumhara admision oo jay daaa"
Name: sughran
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"i want admission in rmc plz lower the merit this time"
Name: sara
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"My aggregate percentage is 86.95.Will I get admission in K.E.Medical College"
Email: xhamid64@gmail.com
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"is 85.081% good enough for aimc this year?"
Name: minahil
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City, Country: lahore, Pakistan

"Not sure. But i think it isnt. 85.5% would have been enough. "
Name: Umair
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"It has been proved now that entry test is not a monster. a little hardwork and prayers can make it very easy and we have proved it practically."
Email: --
City, Country: islamabad, Pakistan

"yeah, u r right prayers can change everything!either its a war or an entry test! "
Email: buttno1@rocketmail.com
City, Country: chishtian, Pakistan

"i just want to appreciate the uhs team for sucha glorious set up.....i just wish u all best ov luck.....dont go on being dishearted coz there are loads of other fields better than medical....keep up the good work.....just be honest with ur ownself coz its the only way we can help this country ."
Name: sabata
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Email: galskit@yahoo.com
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"its gud 2 see that girls r dominant in medical.this proves that girls r more intelignt than boys!!!!!!!! "
Name: uzma zaidi
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"My merit no.is 938.where do i stand? "
Name: minahil
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"my percentage is 82.5273 pls tel me.in which college i can get admission"
Name: shehzeena
Email: saima165@yahoo.com
City, Country: bahawalpur, Pakistan

"Mr.m.shahbaz nazir grapes are realy sour.girls are better doctors than boys.so dnt b jaleous of girls n make ur way by hard work "
Name: uzma zaidi
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City, Country: KHANEWAL, Pakistan

"my merit is 600.is it better for me to go to SIMS or NMC or PMC?????plz anyone give me suggestion n help me"
Name: faisal
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