Education in chaos | IGSC graduation ceremony

Education in chaos
Islamabad, Sept 18: Finance Minister Hafeez Sheikh's callous refusal to provide funds for the public sector universities reflects poorly on the priorities the government attaches to education. Reportedly, the VCs present in the meeting got so upset by this brazen refusal that a verbal fisticuff ensued between them and the Finance Minister. The conclusion of the meeting, where the VCs gave a warning that if the funds were not sanctioned, they would lock up the universities, followed by Finance Ministers insensitive reply that the universities must rather generate finances on their own, bodes ill for the higher education sector. The VCs are not demanding special perks or some special grants; they are only asking for mandatory funds under the HEC schedule. And the comments by one of the VCs that things were better in the Musharraf era in that the universities were regularly given their funds also points to the contrast between the two regimes concern for the higher education sector.

Granted, the government is faced with an unprecedented flood crisis, but the money it has spent so far is nothing but a drop in the ocean and hence is no excuse for cutting funds for universities. It is largely the caring citizens and NGOs who have altruistically taken almost the entire flood relief burden on their shoulders, generously donating huge sums. The Finance Minister's statement that the universities must generate funds on their own thus translates into the fact that the universities should take on the path of privatisation. Meanwhile, students and teachers all over Punjab flocked to the streets on Thursday observing a Black Day to protest the provincial government's plan to privatise a number of colleges and universities. Privatisation of education, for all intents and purposes, is a recipe for disaster and would definitely be the final nail in the coffin of our ailing education sector. We have already seen how private colleges have been making education virtually unaffordable for the middle classes merely for the sake of profit making. Provision of cheap and quality education to the masses is mandatory upon the state and the government will be doing a great injustice if it lets the greed-oriented private sector take control of public colleges and universities.

The government would be well advised to immediately reverse the decision and focus on providing inexpensive education. Leaving the sector in the lurch at a time when the country needs a virtual renaissance to tackle the threat posed by the militant mindset sends a chill down one's spine. The nation

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IGSC holds graduation ceremony
Islamabad: Keeping the tradition alive, which was started by the International Grammar School and College (IGSC) in Islamabad in 1990, the Kindergarten Section celebrated its '20th Annual Graduation Day' for the pre-nursery and nursery classes of 2010.

Prior to the formal ceremony, the Nursery students along with the Kindergarten students put up impressive performances of plays - the well known classic 'Little Red Riding Hood', skits of classroom scenes, devotional Hamd in English - 'We say Bismillah' and the popular international song 'Come Children of the World'.

The confidence with which the young Grammarians acted out their roles and their perfect delivery in English at this tender age from 4 to 5 years of age took every one's breath away.

Sophia Rabbani, the narrator, Suleman Yaseen as the Big Bad Wolf, Huda Shahat as the Fairy, Safa Waseem as Red Riding Hood, Fatima Amir as the Grandmother and Mustafa Zahid as the Woodcutter absolutely delighted the audience that gave them a standing ovation.

Another memorable moment for both parents and teachers was to see the youngest Grammarians being awarded their first-ever diplomas and certificates on their promotion to the next senior class. It is also interesting to note that the first batch from the Kindergarten Section, the Class of 1991 is now a part of the very successful national/international work force.

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Position holders awarded prizes at Rawalpindi College of Commerce
Rawalpindi: Chief Executive and principal of the Rawalpindi College of Commerce Pirzada Rahat Masood Quddusi paid tribute to the teachers for their services at the college and urged the students of the college to dedicate themselves towards their study, says a press release.

He said this while addressing at the annual prize distribution ceremony held at Rawalpindi College of Commerce here on Friday. He said that no nation could make progress without education.

He praised the educational services being provided at the college. He said that besides education, special attention is also being focused on the moral values in the college for bright and dynamic future of the students of the college towards building a strong and successful nation in the world.

He said students of the college attain prominent positions in almost all the exams of Boards and Universities and this had become tradition of the college this is a great honour for the teachers and administration of the college. "Commerce education has great importance for the progress and development of the country," he added.

While drawing the attention of the students towards the importance of commerce education in the country, Rahat Quddusi said that Pakistan's former prime minister Shaukat Aziz and former federal minister for finance Shaukat Tareen have served the country on the bases of commerce education.

In the end, Imran Sehi students of final year was awarded medal and shield in addition to the cash prize of Rs20,000 for securing first position in Rawalpindi and Islamabad in final year exam by obtaining 1151 marks. While Miss Sonia Shahid, student of I.Com final year was awarded medal and shield in addition to the cash prize of Rs10,000 for securing prominent position in the exam and others students of the college were also awarded medals and shields for achieving prominent positions in the exams. The news

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