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KU launches journal
Karachi, Sep 03: The Department of Mass Communications (MC), University of Karachi (KU), has published a research journal after a lapse of five years and the event has been termed a great stride by the department.

The journal has Urdu and English sections and contains meticulously selected research articles by the academic and senior media persons.

The Vice-Chancellor, KU, Prof Pirzada Qasim, has taken note of the extraordinary buoyancy of the department that that has been actively rebuilding its reputation as a true seat of learning.

The past academic year at the department saw many academic achievements and successful extra-curricular activities and was closed with the re-launch of the department's research journal that was lying dormant for the past five years.

The journal is well received in academic circles all over Pakistan and also internationally.

Dr. Prof. D. M. Saleem Kidwai of the Jawaharlal Nehru University, Delhi, India, said that he was delighted to see such a comprehensive journal in Pakistan and added, "In India, we often find it difficult to get any written research or discourse on contemporary trends in mass communications that would have been developed in Pakistan, Karachi University's Department of Mass Communication's Journal is truly a pleasant surprise and we hope to receive more of such discourses from our neighbour in the future".

Another first for the Department is the launch of the department's first ever official student's magazine, Media Post. It is now being published once every semester and its popularity and readership is growing consistently.

The magazine has not only become a voice of the students of mass communication but is also providing them with a practical experience of publication and the press. When discussing gaining practical experiences one cannot ignore the role of the Department the in-house Radio station FM 90.6 has played.

Under the guidance and supervision of the faculty the student's have been regularly producing and broadcasting radio shows.

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Schoolteachers without salaries for 3 months
Peshawar: Recently appointed primary schoolteachers have asked the authorities to speed up the process of verification of their degrees so that they could receive their salaries.

A number of teachers said that they had been performing their duties for the last three months but had not received any salary yet. Asked about the reason behind the non-payment of the salaries, they said their credentials were being verified from their respective colleges and universities.

The teachers said that the certificates were attested at the time of their recruitment and there was no justification to repeat the practice again, adding that they had to pay for getting their documents attested from the institutions concerned.

As many as 650 primary schoolteachers, including 225 females, were recruited in May this year but they are yet to receive their first salary. Executive District Officer (Education) EDO Jamilur Rehman, when contacted, said the credentials of the newly appointed teachers were normally verified after their recruitment but this time the process was done before recruiting the teachers.

He said that some quarters, however, raised objections to the recruitment process after which a three-member committee was constituted to get the academic testimonials of the appointees verified. He added that the teachers whose documents were verified would start receiving their salaries from this month.

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BCS entry test tomorrow
Peshawar: The entrance test for Bachelor's of Computer Science (Peshawar Campus) under the non-engineering undergraduate programme of the University of Engineering and Technology, Peshawar will be held on September 4 (tomorrow) at the UET campus, Peshawar. The test would be conducted by the National Testing Service. The test was previously scheduled for August 10 but it was postponed due to floods in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province, said a press release issued here Thursday. The news

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