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College admissions
Karachi, Sep 06: It has been reported that 30,000 seats may not be filled in Karachi's colleges and higher secondary schools in the public sector as sufficient applications for admissions have not been received. This underlines the appalling state of affairs in higher education in the city and indicates that college education is suffering from poor planning and there is a serious disconnect between demand and supply.

At another level, it confirms the decadence that has beset public-sector education. There was a time when all colleges had been nationalised and private colleges were not allowed to operate. The pressure on government institutions for admission from students passing the secondary school-leaving examination was immense. The slow pace of expansion of college education forced thousands of students to drop out. That would not have been such a bad thing if a sufficient number of polytechnics had simultaneously been established to train young men and women for the job market. Today the scene has changed. The government has opened new colleges while the private sector has been permitted to enter the college education sector as well.

According to the authorities, the low number of applicants for government colleges means that students are showing a marked preference for private institutions. Is this surprising given the relatively better standard of education they offer? Even the higher fee they charge does not deter students from approaching them. There is also another factor: science subjects are in greater demand and there are not sufficient seats for this faculty. In view of the higher cost of establishing laboratories, the government is hesitant to invest in science education even though this makes its planning lopsided.

It would help if the education authorities and those managing the industrial, financial and services sectors were to carry out a joint assessment exercise every few years to determine the nature and number of jobs available in the employment market and match these with the education facilities to be created in various disciplines. It makes no sense to have a glut of unemployed highly educated young professionals in one area with a dearth of trained people in other sectors.

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CAP committee fails to meet admission deadline
Karachi: The deadline fixed by the Sindh education department for completing the process of admissions to first year classes in government educational institutions will end on Saturday with no sign in sight how many more days will be required to accomplish the entire process of admissions and when the new academic session for the new students will begin.

According to a Centralised Admission Policy's (CAP) brochure, the process of admissions to first year classes in the city's government colleges and higher secondary schools was scheduled to be completed by Sept 4 and the new academic session for the fresh first year students was to commence on Sept 6.

However, since the CAP committee which has been assigned the task of completing the admissions process has not yet been able to issue the placement lists, the question of new academic session's beginning from Sept 6 did not even arise.

More than one-and-a-half month of thousands of fresh matriculates have already been wasted since the announcement of their results and yet all the over 70,000 candidates who have applied for admissions to first year classes in the city's public sector colleges and higher secondary schools under the CAP are still uncertain about their new academic session as the CAP committee is silent over the issue.

Some students seeking admissions to first year said that the inordinate delay in completing the process of admissions had already left them behind the students in the city's private colleges and other parts of Sindh as the latter's classes had already begun about a month ago.

"Since our new academic session is going to be reduced considerably, we will not be able to complete our entire courses and hence will lag behind our counterparts in private colleges and those studying in government colleges in other parts of the province," they said.

Although the process of admissions to first year classes had initially begun on July 23 and still continuing, the last date fixed for completing the class XI admissions would expire on Saturday. Dawn

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