Islami Jamiat Talaba demonstration against Blasphemous film

Blasphemous film: IJT vents anger outside US consulate
Lahore, Sep 20: Expressing anger and rage over the sacrilege movie made in the US, Islami Jamiat Talaba's (IJT) Punjab chapter organised a demonstration outside the American consulate on Wednesday. Their march towards the consulate was, however, stopped by 1,500 policemen who had blocked roads leading to the building.

Hundreds of students affiliated with Jamaat-e-Islami's student wing, IJT, participated in the protest demonstration against the anti-Islam film. The protesters from University of the Punjab, University of Engineering and Technology and different colleges were carrying placards and banners inscribed with slogans against America and the blasphemous act. They also burnt a US flag and an effigy of the film producer.

The protesters offered Zuhr prayers outside the Lahore Press Club and later shouted slogans against the anti-Islam film and the US.

The protesters were also carrying sticks and bottles, which they used to attack police. They tried to cross road blockades to reach the US consulate but heavy contingents of police stopped them. IJT members demanded stern action against filmmaker and also burnt tyres to vent their anger. They also delivered speeches against the filmmaker and US government.

They demanded the US government punish the filmmaker and apologise to Muslims. They also called for removing the blasphemous movie from all websites within seven days.

They also criticised Pakistani rulers, saying that they had "sold their dignity and self- respect and are not registering their protest with the US".

The protesters also criticised the UET vice chancellor for expelling students from the university for participating in the rally against the blasphemy movie.

Anticipating a possible march towards the US consulate, roads leading to the diplomatic mission have been blocked with containers. Hundreds of policemen have been deployed to maintain order during protests.

Shops, offices and fuel stations on or near Davis Road and Shimla Pahari Chowk remained closed during the protest while traffic jams were also witnessed. Daily times

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Protest held at AIOU
Islamabad: Like other parts of the country the academic staff of the Allama Iqbal Open University (AIOU) held a protest rally against the blasphemous movie and its release on websites including YouTube and Facebook, here on Wednesday at the university's campus.

The rally was arranged by the Academic Staff Association (ASF) of AIOU and joined by the Officers Welfare Association (OWA) and the Employees Welfare Association (EWA).

Those who led the rally included Prof. Dr. Baqir Khan Khakwani, Prof. Dr. Rashid A Naeem, Prof. Dr. Abdul Hafiz, Prof. Dr. Syed Abdul Siraj and Dr. Muhammad Ajmal.

A large number of academicians, officers, employees, students, besides a group of Christian employees, participated in the protest rally.

The protesters adopted a resolution at the end of the rally condemning the film and demanding its total blackout from the YouTube, Facebook and other websites. The participants raised slogans against the anti-Islam Jewfish lobby which patronage such nefarious activities.

ASA General Secretary Dr. Muhammad Ajmal, OWA General Secretary Abdul Wadood, and employees' representative Malik Muhammad Saeed demanded the government to take the matter to the United Nations to stop the spread of hatred against Muslims. They urged the government to take steps to stop the dissemination of blasphemous material in the country.

They said that the movie had hurt the sentiments of the Muslim community, not just in Pakistan but also across the world. They said it was natural that with the increasing frequency of hate campaigns, Muslims were losing their patience.

Dr. Khalil-ur-Rehman prayed for the unity of Muslim Ummah and annihilation of those forces who attempted to undermine the great personality of the Holy Prophet (PBUH).

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FGCTA condemns the blasphemous movie
Islamabad: Federal Government College Teachers Association (FGCTA) strongly condemned the blasphemous movie made by a US pastor, says a press release.

FGCTA spokesman said, "It is an intrigue against the Muslims and an effort to make the new generation take wrong impression of Islam. This is not an accidental move, we, the Muslims have to make strategy for confront this nefarious plan. UN should take immediate notice of it."

FGCTA President Professor Zahid Ali Shah said, "Our beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAW) showed the right path to the people who were in darkness and were surrounded by evil forces. His teachings are not only for Muslims but also for the whole world. The recently appeared movie is the insult to all Muslims."

FGCTA Vice President Professor Yasmeen Bokhari said, "At the time when bloodshed was very common, people used to bury their daughters, gambling and drinking was common practices, our beloved Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) showed the people the true path. He (PBUH) asked them to give up their bad habits and customs. He (PBUH) told them the simple ways to lead a better life in this world and the world hereafter. We cannot bear the insult of our Prophet (PBUH). All the culprits involved in making of the movie should be hanged." The news

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Protest in FDE against management
Islamabad: Non-gazetted employees of educational institutes held a protest against the management of Federal Directorate of Education (FDE) and tried to block movement of staff in the Management Wing by blocking the lift and stairs of the building, for over three hours in G-9/1.

Protesters were demanding unification of employees of educational institutions and FDE in seniority list, to assure equal rights in promotions.

They were claiming that around 650 employees have been deprived of their due rights.

Abdul Farooque, Sultan Ahmed, Abdul Hameed, Karamullah, Amanullah, Amjad Ali and other employees reportedly reached FDE head office at 11:00am and requested the staff to allow them to meet Director General (DG) Shahnaz A Riaz but they were informed that DG was not available in the office and they were instructed by the staff to leave.

Employees went in the gallery and sat on the floor for one hour but DG did not come. Employees were annoyed because of the long wait, so they started protest against management of FDE.

They blocked the lift and stairs for three hours and did not allow any officer to go in or out of the wing due to which around 30 employees were stuck in the building.

At around 3:00pm Director Planning and Development, Muhammad Shahid Khan reached the office and negotiated with the employees and it was decided that on Monday issue of employees will be resolved due to which employees were dispersed. Dawn

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