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About Study Partner

Sometimes it can be difficult to get motivated to study, specially when you are alone. Having another person to study with can be beneficial because you can swap ideas and compare notes and you can motivate each other to complete the course.

This segment of our web sit provides you the best bet for finding a good study partner/ study mate. See whose style best fits your learning style, then arrange a study session.Don't focus your attention on whether a person is getting a better grade than you are. Some of the most knowledge- inducing experiences come from explaining the material to someone else. It has been said that you don't really learn the material until you have to explain it to someone else. Also, not all A students are good explainers.

We would also caution you to not rely wholly on your study partner for your learning. Your study partner doesn't know everything and thus can't teach you everything. Attend classes at your school, college, university or institute.Get a private tutor if you're too embarrassed with your studies.  Seek help from people who know what they're doing, as well as seeking help from friends who are closer to your situation and understand you better.

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