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Teacher's Registration Number: WAM7601
Name: Zeeshan Mati
addressSharifabad ( Karachi,Sharifabad )
MBA (Finance) from PAF-KIET Grade 3.5 (so far) Year 2007 - ------
B.Com from Govt. Premier College Grade 1st division Year 2003 - 2005
HSC from Govt. S.M Science College Grade A Year 2001 - 2003
SSC from Usmania Academy Grade A Year 1999 - 2001
My English Skill is Excellent
Worked as Assistant Accountant Cum Course Coordinator in Al-Hamd Academy from 2004 - 2006
Worked as Assistant Accountant in General Trading Co. (Pvt.) Limited from 2006 - 2008
Last drawn Salary is 8000
Science Class (Subjects) Teaching (in teaching expertise order)
Lower_Secondary(Matric/Cambridge) (All Subjects), OLevel (Maths English Accounting), Higher_Secondary(Matric/Cambridge) (Maths English Accounting),
Commerce Class (Subjects) Teaching (in teaching expertise order)
I.Com (Accounting English Business Maths Economics), Secondary_Classes (All subjects), OLevel (English Maths Accounting ),
Teaching Interest Categories:
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