Teacher's Registration Number: WAF7181
Name: Sana arz bhutto
address ( Karachi,Defence_Housing_Authority(DHA) )
MBA from Mohammad Ali Jinnah University Grade 3.83 Year 2005 - 2006
BBA from Mohammad Ali Jinnah University Grade 3.49 Year 2002 - 2005
F.sc from DHA Degree College for women Grade A Year 2000 - 2001
My English Skill is Excellent
I have taught Principles of Marketing/Marketing Management/Busin at Indus Institute of Higher Education from 2007 - 2007
I have taught Human Resource Management at Mohammad Ali Jinnah University from 2007 - 2007
Last drawn Salary in teaching is Rs. 27000
I have served as: Administrator_Coordinator, Counselor,
Coordinator- served as a coordinator for arranging seminars and events( e.g All Girls Day, IDEAS 2006-exhibition held in Expo Center,karachi) Career Counselor -
Commerce Class (Subjects) Teaching (in teaching expertise order)
BBA (Marketing Management), MBA/EMBA (Marketing Management/Principles of Marketing/Human),
Teaching Interest Categories:
Colleges, University.