MRCOG Part 1 Course plan & cost


*6 Months Subscription

*Total questions = 2000

Note: MCQs are practiced online

*Total cost US$ 100 49


*65 to 80 study hours – 6 to 8 weeks

*Over 2,000 MCQs

*Total cost US$ 650 499

Course + Qbank

*Over 2,000 MCQs

*499 + 49 = US$ 548

The MRCOG (Membership of the Royal College of Obstetricians & Gynaecologists) is an essential requirement and a benchmark for every aspiring obstetrician and gynaecologist not just in UK but throughout the world. The numbers sitting both part I and part II of the examinations have increased by around 50% in the last ten years. Yet the pass rate in the Part 1 exam is only 30% and in the Part 2 exam is a mere 19%. In order to pass you need the right training and plenty of practice in exam questions and techniques.

Our course aims to provide you proper training and address all the recent changes in the MRCOG examination and has been designed for candidates sitting for exam. This unique Live Online style for all our courses allows you to complete the courses from the comfort of your home without any extra cost for postage, traveling or accommodation. You will be able to continue your homework and carry on with your job without interruptions.

We provide online revision for the EMQ and MCQ component of MRCOG. Our courses are conducted by a friendly, committed and dedicated team with immense teaching and examining experience, who are present throughout the duration of each Course: we are always complimented for the relaxed and approachable atmosphere we create for our Course participants. Refresher/Crash courses for two weeks or more are also offered.

What else INTERFACE Live online course have?

  • Absolutely Live lectures - no pre recorded videos, covering all important aspects of the course.
  • Most comprehensive course delivered by experienced teachers highlighting the core areas of this exam with 100% satisfaction.
  • Interactive teaching with individual feedback.
  • Throughout the course students are given diagnostic/mock exams to measure their progress at various stages.
  • An international platform where students from different parts of the world prepare for the exam, making information flow almost easy.
  • Miss a class? No worries. Super quality recording will be available at your fingertips within few hours
  • Personalized Feedback - Diagnostic score reports and focused lessons.
  • Free Support - 24/7 support is provided by email or phone

What we have for you in MRCOG Qbank?

  • Over 2000+ high yield MCQs practiced on a realistic exam simulation application.
  • Extensive exam-like MCQs and EMQs, covering entire syllabus and topics from recent exams.
  • Practice EMCQS and SBAs developed by top medical academics. Comprehensive questions with explanations which prepare you for this exam.
  • Choose the exam topics of your choice.
  • Target the areas of your weaknesses and rapidly overcome them.
  • View Performance Reports on your progress.