Guidelines for Written Licensing Examinations

1.1. Applicants are required to register 1 hour before the advertised start time of the examination

1.2. Applicants must bring their passport for original photo ID and the original eticket examination receipt

1.3. Applicants should only bring into the examination room those materials required, for example pencils, eraser and calculator

1.4. Applicants may not bring into the examination room, mobile phones, portable handheld computer devices or objects not specified as permitted aids. If secure lockup not available, bags must be left in the boxes provided at the back of the examination room with mobiles turned off.

1.5. Applicants are allowed to enter the examination room only on instruction by the examination and licensing officers on duty

1.6. Applicants will not be allowed to enter the examination room after the exam start time and no extra time will be allocated for the examination (*unusual or extreme circumstances will be taken into consideration on the day by the Exam Coordinator, and these are to be documented)

1.7. Applicants will be advised to register for the next available examination date if they:

1.6.1 Fail to register for the examination with appropriate equipment or Official Photo Identification

1.6.2 Arrive later than the required time indicated or failed to present on the appointed day

1.8. Applicants are to leave the examination room at the completion of the examination only after collection of the exam paper and with permission of the examination officers

1.9. Communication (verbal and non-verbal) between candidates from commencement of the exam until the papers are all collected is not permitted

1.10. Officers on duty may only provide points of clarification for candidates; they are not permitted to provide any kind of academic help

1.11. Applicants will be considered as having failed the entire licensing process if there is evidence of:

1.11.1. Cheating or attempts to cheat

1.11.2. Use of supplementary books or equipment such as hand held PC's capable of storing information or mobile phones in the exam

1.11.3. Attempts to communicate directly with examiners before an examination in relation to discussing exam content

1.12. Where evidence of any of the three behaviours as noted in 1.10 is apparent, applicants will not be allowed to sit or resit the Licensing Examination. Their license application will be cancelled and their name placed on the blacklist

1.13. Applicants have 3 opportunities to pass the written examination. If a candidate fails the 3rd attempt they are not able to reapply for at least 12 months.

1.14. Applicants who sit for the specialty exam that has two parts (written and oral/practical) have to pass both the parts before a license is issued.

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"i am msc. microbiologist, 6 years experience in medical field including lab tech,bio chem,micro biolgy.plz help me how to write moh exam.plz send to some model ques.to my email id. "
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