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2018 updated MCQs QBank for (Physician):  MOH UAE, HAAD, DHA, SLE(Saudi Licensing Exam), MOH Oman

2018 updated MCQs QBank for (Dentist):  MOH UAE, HAAD, DHA, SLE(Saudi Licensing Exam), MOH Oman

MOH Test
What is the test like?
Infect, no particular syllabus advised, you have to prepare as per specialty. The examination is conducted twice a year in English language. It consists of three parts: written exam, practical and viva. The written exam comes in the form of multiple choice. A candidate must pass the written to qualify for practical and viva exams. Similarly, a specialist candidate must pass a viva exam to qualify for the practical exam.

Examples for the written exam:
1. The maxillary and mandibular retainers are constructed according to the design specified for the patient in the following:
  • a- treatment stage of orthodontics
  • b- post-treatment stage of orthodontics
  • c- pretreatment stage
  • d- retention stage
  • e- none of the above
2. In managing the resorption in tooth #9, the dentist should find which of the following intra-canal medicaments to be the MOST effective?
  • a-Camphorated parachlorophenol
  • b-Methylcresyl acetate
  • c- Calcium hydroxide
  • d- Formocresol

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Name: Dr imran
Medical Qualification: M.D
City Country: Canada

"my wife is dietician(M.SC.) nd she want moh license nd hv 4 years medical hospital experience so please tell me all detail abt it nd wat is syllabus "
Medical Qualification: mba
City, Country: jaipur & india
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