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What is the criteria for PATHOLOGIST Examination?
Registration requirements:
  • 1.Detailed Curriculum vita (CV or Bio Data in English and Arabic).
  • 2.Copy of Basic Degree. (ATTESTED)
  • 3.Copy of postgraduate, such as Master Certificate or Higher Qualification. (ATTESTED)
  • 4.Copy of work experience (These should only state starting date, date of leaving and post held. Experience must cover the years after the highest degree until to date ).(ATTESTED)
  • 5.Copy of passport.
  • 6.Four Photographs.
Attestation must be done from M. O.Foreign Affairs, U.A.E.Embassy in the Country Degrees Awarded and M.O.Foreign Affairs in U.A.E.

Ceriteria to sit for pathologist:
  • 1.Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery degree with post graduate Msc, PhD, or its equivalent i.e (American and Canadian boards, British Royal College memberships etc) in the following Specialties: Clinical Pathology, Chemical Pathology, Microbiology and Parasitology, Virology, General Pathology (CP, AP) Hematology and Blood Bank, Immunology, Histopathology, Molecular Pathology.
  • 2.3 years of Experience is compulsory after the Postgraduate. (Only for private sector).

Your Comments
"kind of exam for specialist pathology ,written exam only or with oral/practical exam also. books recomended for preparation."
Medical Qualification: MBBS ,MD (Pathology )
City, Country: NEW DELHI INDIA
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"Can you provide me the syllabus for Prometric exam saudi licensing exam in clinical pathology ."
dommeti durga prasad
Medical Qualification: MBBS, MD (Pathology)
City, Country: jazan KSA
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"I want to prepare for MOH(UAE), DHA and HAAD Clinical Pathologist licencing examinations. How should I prepare? How can I have the study material to prepare. Please guide. "
Medical Qualification: MBBS MD(PATHOLOGY)
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"i have done my post graduate diploma in clinical pathology.e.g chemical pathology.microbiology.hematology and blood bank,transfusion keenly interested to attempt exam,kindly guide me about that matter. "
Dr Pawan Kumar
Medical Qualification: mbbs.DCP
City, Country: karachi.pakistan
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"Sir i need to know about HAAD exam , the syllabus for the same. I m a specialist in Histopathology and need to know about the HAAD exam in histopathology. "
dr bela chitale
Medical Qualification: M.D, D.P>b (pathology)
City, Country: mumbai , India
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"I Completed MD Pathology in Oncopathology. how to get anatomy Pathology Job in Dubai?"
Tarang patel
Medical Qualification: M.D Pathology
City, Country: Ahmedabad, India
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"Tell me the syllabus and book for haad in histopathology "
Medical Qualification: Mphil histopathology
City, Country: Peshawar Pakistan
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"Please guide me for post MD job."
Medical Qualification: MBBS MD pathology
City, Country: India
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"Hello I have completed my post graduation in histopathology and currently working as consultant histopathologist in Pakistan. If I want to pursue my career as histopathologist what are career options available in Dubai. Please also guide all the prequisite and detail of license exams,thank you. Regards ."
Medical Qualification: MBBS, M.Phil (Histopathology )
City, Country: Karachi. Pakistsn
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"i finished my 4 years residency training in both clinical and anatomical pathology from a level 3 tertiary government hospital and currently become ISO and aja certified. now i am currently more than 4 years part of the same hospital as a medical officer with duties of as laboratory manager, quality assurance officer and etc. please guide me of what should I do because i am thinking of to practice my field of specialization in UAE or the least is to practice as a medical doctor. ."
ilene rome
Medical Qualification: pathology
City, Country: manila, Philippines
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"i have done Mbbs in 2007. M.phil histopathology from University of Health Sciences..before my thesis viva final i did job as senior demonstrator pathology in sharif medical college and did all FNAs ,cytology, grossing ,reporting,taking tutorials and practicals of students. will it be count in my i did my job after m.phil Part I written exam ,viva and part II minor i cleared my m.phil final viva. "
sakina jamil
Medical Qualification: Mbbs and M.phil histopathology
City, Country: Lahore, Pakistan
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"I want to ask that the above mentioned academic qualification is enough to meet the requirement to appear in HAAD / DHA Exam in Clinical Pathology. "
Dr. Shamim Ahmed
Medical Qualification: M.B.B.S., M.C.P.S. ( Clinical Pathology ), One Year Diploma in Hematology.
City, Country: Karachi Pakistan
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"i have done MBBS, in year 2000, and DCP in year 2007, and now doing M-phil Pathology (last semester), having experience of 10 years as pathologist in tertiary care hospital. can i apply for any post or licence examination in oman, uae, as MOH, HAAD, DHA, please reply "
Dr kheemchand
Medical Qualification: MBBS, DCP
City, Country: Karachi, Pakistan
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"Hello sir i need MOH test information."
Medical Qualification: FA,+two year diploma pathology
City, Country: bner
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"Hello Every one, I have done MBBS in 2009 from Pakistan and MSc in Molecular Pathology from London United Kingdom in 2012, and have more than 5 years of Molecular Diagnostic experience, in Pakistan and Saudi Arabia in tertiary care setup. I am also holding Saudi Arabia specialist license in (Pathology). can i apply for DHA, MOH, HAAD, license.? kindly guide me in this regards. "
Dr Umair
Medical Qualification: MBBS, Msc(Molecular Pathology) UK
City, Country: Tabuk
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"Please let me know where do I get material for HAAD exam. Interested in a job in histopathology."
Medical Qualification: MD Pathology
City, Country: India
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"I want to prepare for MOH(UAE), DHA and HAAD Clinical Pathologist OR Histopathologist licencing examinations. How should I prepare? How can I have the study material to prepare. Please guide. "
Dr AlbaThomas
Medical Qualification: MBBS, MD Pathology
City, Country: Kottayam,Kerala
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"Please help me with this process ."
Basharat Mubeen
Medical Qualification: MBBS, MD, PATHOLOGY
City, Country: Srinagar, jammu and kashmir, india
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"Please guide regarding preparation for MOH/HAAD EXAMS."
Dr kala
Medical Qualification: Mbbs,MD.,DNB pathology
City, Country: India
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