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Is passing the MOH test guarantees the job offer in the UAE?
NO. Finding a job remains the responsibility of the doctor who should ensure that he/she is well informed about the opportunities for work before embarking on the MOH exam.

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"i am job less and i want a medical job, i hope that given me a chance thanks."

Name: dr moosa
Medical Qualification: MBBS
City, Country: Balochistan pakistan

"what is about my chance of getting job in UAE?"

Name: dr hassan elasy
Medical Qualification: MD pediatrics
City, Country: egypt

"I passed MOH exam for medical laboratory technologist held in india ( Okhla ) but i would not come to kuwait because of agency demanding for Rs. 350000 for service charges. I don not have money that large amount. Please suggest to me how i can come there( Kuwait ) Thanking You. "
Mohammad Shafiuddin
Medical Qualification: Msc. Biochemistry ( medical Laboratory Technologist )
City, Country: India
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"I passed oman prometric, but the agencies are asking 5lakh 6lakh.. How can i get a job in oman moh."
Sabeena kabeer
Medical Qualification: Bsc nursing
City, Country: Kerala india
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