Recent UK immigration changes effecting doctors:
The new immigration rules announced at March, 2006 provides that those from outside the EU countries will only be eligible to take up NHS work if the post cannot be filled by an EU citizen.

Panic has set in among thousands of Pakistani, Indian and other Asian doctors after these new UK immigration rules. Now, doctors from non-EU countries need to hold work permits to take up job in the National Health Service, UK's official health service centre. Hundreds of South Asian doctors - mainly from Pakistan, India, Bangladesh who were once life of the NHS for a long time as the British government used to rely on them for their efficiency, but now they are passing tough time in the United Kingdom as they fear deportation due to new UK immigration rules. As different media in UK reported;
"We don't need doctors from outside the EU"

Doctors from Pakistan would face a tough time if they return to their country as they were trained to work in British healthcare rather than in the Pakistani system.

The same restrictions would apply to newly qualified doctors from Pakistan, India, Bangladesh or Sri Lanka who wished to come to the UK to start training. Here again European Union candidates would take precedent.

A spokeswoman for the Department of Health said “In future international medical graduates who wish to work or train in the NHS will need a work permit. To obtain a work permit an employer must show that a genuine vacancy exists, which cannot be filled with a resident worker.”

So far doctors from outside the EU, including from Pakistan, were able to take up NHS jobs under what was called ’permit free training’ schemes. Their jobs were considered part of training that did not require work permits.

From Monday, April 3, employers now need to obtain work permits before employing these doctors after making a case to prove that no British or EU doctor can perform the same job. This rule effectively rules out any chance of employment for non-EU doctors.

The British Association of Physicians of Indian Origin (BAPIO), with a membership of over 25,000, protested outside the department of health. Hundreds of foreign doctors gathered outside the Downing Street to voice their anger over UK's new immigration rules.

The demonstration was backed by the Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants and the British Association of Physicians of Indian Origin. Speakers said the changes in immigration rules by the department of health had been made without any consultation.

Murad Qureshi, a Labour member of the Greater London Assembly, said he feared some doctors’ positions would now be advertised saying, 'overseas doctors need not apply'.

"Doctors [from India] must not come to London nor should they waste £600 on Plab examinations," is the advise of Dr Shiv Pande, the only Asian to have ever held an executive post in the British General Medical Council.


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