Guidelines for Nurses

Most of the HAAD exam's questions are indeed NCLEX type! but what i've noticed is that the questions are mostly about basic nursing knowledge, which includes basic drug computations (including drips such as dopa and dobu). most of the questions were of the assessment and implementation type, like for example the "earliest s/sx for a client with increased ICP would be decreasing LOc or restlessness"...most of the diseases asked were about DM, CVD infarct and bleed, MI and some other common diseases. i suggest that if you plan on taking the exam, try answering NCLEX type of questions using mosby or saunders. practice answering questions and learn the art of intelligent guessing.. The exam is not that hard, but then again it is not that easy either. well, i hope you were able to have a slight peak of what the exam is like.

The diffference between NCLEX RN and HAAD is that in HAAD you wont notice any "select all that apply questions". you are given 180 minutes to answer all 150 questions. if you don't know the answer, you can flag that question and skip it and then you can go back to it when you're done answering questions that you are sure of. and finally, you'll get the result immediately after the exam. My tip is read MOSBY and ABCpaasing foreign board exam of gapuz.



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